Coronavirus Information & Resources

New information is rapidly emerging regarding COVID-19 (the novel “coronavirus”), a respiratory disease that has recently garnered significant attention. Custom House Risk Advisors is closely monitoring developments, and we are committed to working with you to address your risk of loss in connection with the spread of this virus in those areas where we can.

If your business is suffering losses due to the outbreak, we strongly recommend keeping a detailed accounting of any such losses in the event there is insurance available to cover them. While there is no guarantee that something will be done, it is conceivable that as this global situation advances, special government loans or subsidies may emerge in which maintaining detailed records will be the key to obtaining and maximizing compensation.

This site contains various materials that have been circulated within the insurance industry regarding the coronavirus risk. You may find these additional documents (below) and links helpful to review as well. We will continue to add to this resource page as additional information and or updates within the industry are available.

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